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    Charts: Gap between Vertical Axis and the chart area

      I have a really wierd issue and I am sure I am doing something wrong.

      I am trying to align 2 charts that are placed vertically. I want to align the left vertical axis and the gridlines within them. Aligning the left vertical axis is easy and done but aligning the grids is becoming challenging and I have already spent a few hours on this problem.

      Here is a wrong chart image ...
      Wrong chart image
      The line of the LineChart (in the top chart) is touching the left and right edges where as the bottom chart bars do not touch the left/right edges. Due to this the gridlines are not aligned.

      I had managed to solve this problem but I am not sure what part of the code solved the problem. Here is the right chart image:
      Right chart image
      In this chart, the line of the linechart (in the top chart) is not touching the left and right boundary hence the gridlines are alignd with each other.

      I wonder what property of the chart controls the series touching the left/right vertical axis or boundary. Your help is appreciated.