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    use an old catalogue on a new computer


      Is there a way how I can use an old Lightroom catalogue on new PC? How can I change the path to my photos that have been tagged using the old PC?

      I recently I got a new PC. I transferred the Lightroom catalogue to the new PC. However, since I use now the latest version of Windows, the path to the catalogue has changed. I managed to create the path I had used on the old PC, so that I can use this catalogue again. However, I had created an additional user. I must sign in with the name of this additional user whenever I work with this Lightroom catalogue. That is highly inconvenient

      I use Lightroom to control the photos of a turtle collection. I tag these photos to create sub-catalogues, e.g. turtles Japan, Turtles USA, etc. I add these tags to all new photos.