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    Moving photos from new LR CC to LR Classic


      I am a new user of LR & Photoshop.  I thought I would have more storage for my monthly fee & I used my 20 GB in short order.  I want to move my photos from the cloud based LR to LR Classic so I can work from my desktop and save to my hard drive and/or my external hard drives. I can't find a solution in any of the FAQ's or Forum topics. Can anyone help?

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          Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

          All you need to do is turn on cloud syncing in your LR Classic catalog, after which all images that have been uploaded to the cloud will automatically download into Classic. But before doing that, check the Classic Preferences>Lightroom CC tab where you will find the option to choose your own location for the downloaded files, and even an option to choose one of Classic's date-based folder structures.


          To turn on syncing in Classic, click in the ID Plate area and the "Activity Centre" will be revealed, the top entry is to enable syncing (click Start).


          Once all the images have been downloaded to your hard drive, you can delete them from the cloud if you need to. Note that if you import new photos to Classic first, then sync the new files to the cloud, Classic uploads Smart Previews only (which are generally good enough quality to use in LRCC), and those Smart Previews do not count against the 20Gb allowance.

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