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    buttons to play external swf files

    mrsrowe Level 1

      I know what to do but I do not know how to do it.

      I want to make some tutorial movies available to users. I have about 12 little swf files that were created in camtasia, I would like to make them available though a single player instance.

      Here is some AS2 I understand:

      var btnLoadM1:mx.controls.Button;

      //I know I can set the lable of the button, so I must be able to set other attributes
      btnLoadM1.label = "Name of Button";

      var mcHolder:MovieClip;

      var oLoader:Object = new Object();
      oLoader.click = function(){
      mcHolder._x = btnLoadM1.width + 5;
      mcHolder._y = 0;
      mcHolder._xscale = 90;
      mcHolder._yscale = 90;


      btnLoadM1.addEventListener("click", oLoader);

      This defines one button and loads a movie into a movie clip when the button is selected. I want to take all of the specific references in the oLoader out, but to have it play a movie which has all of its parameters sent by the button which references the movie.

      I would like to extend this to include a link to a pdf file which could also be made available at the same time as the relevant movie was being played.

      any help much appreciated