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    Black Borders


      Regrettably it seems that I was too hasty in celebrating what I thought were good answers to my previous question on this topic!

      I now find that, although I am able to create them on screen, the borders are not printing properly. I am finding, for example, that they appear on three sides but one side is missing. Confusing also is that the missing side does not always seem to be the same one!

      A further oddity is that the print setting box is sometimes showing portrait orientation notwithstanding the fact that landscape has quite clearly been selected!

      These problems have emerged only since my installation of the latest PS update. I'm beginning to think that I need to try something different - Capture One maybe...

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Why do you need to start a second thread on this topic? Black borders   Capture one is a raw editor. The print driver is also involved it  communicate to Photoshop your printer settings.  Are the setting in the printer settings and Photoshop's print dialog both set to landscape? The action I posted will add black canvas on all 4 sides the same size.

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            peterc47014574 Level 1

            Put it down to ignorance as to the best way of using the system - of which I have no previous experience.

            Yes, insofar as I can see everything is set to landscape and, as I mentioned, I did not encounter any such problems until I installed the latest update.


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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              Often users miss some things and if they post more detailed like screen captures use here may see things the you may have missed.  The more information you provide the better equipped and experiance users here will be able to help. Its not that Photoshop does not have bugs it definitely does have bugs.  Users here will be able to tell you if its a bug or if you need to do something to get the results you want.


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                peterc47014574 Level 1

                Ok - thank you.


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