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    "Artboard From Layers" Causing Layers to Move a Few Pixels


      I have a PSD without an Artboard and need to add all its layers to an Artboard. I tried doing this via selecting all the layers and pressing the "Artboard from Layers" button showed in attached 1.png.


      This caused all the layers to move a few pixels to the left and a few pixels down. The amount of pixels they move varies by PSD (for instance, in one PSD all the layers move 2 pixel left and 2 pixels down. In another PSD all the layers moved 3 pixels left and 3 pixels down).


      Any idea what is causing this?





      -I am using Photoshop CC 2017

      -This is a separate issue from the issue I mentioned here "Artboard From Layers" Causing White Area To Appear Around Canvas