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    Publish to Nextgen plugin

    kimaldis Level 1

      Couple of weeks back I, using Nexgtgen for my galleries, I had trouble getting the publish plugin from Lightroom working reliably. Imagely support weren't particularly helpful, beyond an off the peg troubleshooting link, so I hacked together a plugin of my own, which I've now tidied up and made freely available, open source.

      I've been using it a fair bit on an OS X platform. In principle it should work on Windows but it's untested and I'd like feedback so please do try it.


      It has advantages over the two existing available Publish Service plugins for Nextgen;


      * Speed; it's twice as fast as Imagely's and three times as fast as the Alloyphoto one.

      * reliability; The plugin uses the WP Rest api which is considerably more reliable than XMLRPC for large data transfers.


      Please do give it a go if you can, I'm interested to hear how it stacks up.


      Download at GitHub - kimaldis/NggPlusPlus: Publish to Wordpress Nextgen Gallery from Lightroom , instructions included.