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    Disable cloud sync in Lightroom

    Prometheus77 Level 1

      The fact that I'm having to come to a forum to ask this question in and of itself is highly troubling. I'm currently evaluating whether to begin using Adobe CC for personal use. I noticed that it had started syncing my 500 GB photo library to a cloud somewhere without asking. I'm glad that I noticed, because I would have been hit with a large bill from my ISP had I not, for going over my 1 TB monthly bandwidth limit. So the first problem is that it tried to sync without asking.


      The second problem is that I tried to disable sync in the Lightroom app (PC version) and it didn't offer that option, or if it did, it was far from obvious. I was able to "pause" sync, but I want to turn it off and remove any synced files. This should be easy to do from within the app.


      Can someone please help me? If the answer is "Sorry, there's no way to disable sync", I will not be using Adobe products any further.



      Thank you,