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    Cordova Unhandled promise rejection

    mattk61137503 Level 1

      > cordova build ios --verbose


      No scripts found for hook "before_build".

      No scripts found for hook "before_prepare".

      Checking config.xml and package.json for saved platforms that haven't been added to the project

      Config.xml and package.json platforms are the same. No pkg.json modification.

      Package.json and config.xml platforms are different. Updating config.xml with most current list of platforms.

      PlatformApi successfully found for platform ios

      Checking config.xml for saved plugins that haven't been added to the project

      Checking for any plugins added to the project that have not been installed in ios platform

      No differences found between plugins added to project and installed in ios platform. Continuing...

      Generating platform-specific config.xml from defaults for iOS at /Users/matt/Sites/Projects/myTestApplication/bin/apps/phonegap/mytestapplication/platform s/ios/mytestapplication/config.xml

      Merging project's config.xml into platform-specific iOS config.xml

      Merging and updating files from [www, platforms/ios/platform_www] to platforms/ios/www

      Current launch storyboard undefined

      Not changing launch storyboard setting in info plist.

      Wrote out iOS Bundle Identifier "com.polymermallard.mytestapplication" and iOS Bundle Version "1.0.6" to /Users/matt/Sites/Projects/myTestApplication/bin/apps/phonegap/mytestapplication/platforms/ios/mytestapplication/mytestapplication-Inf o.plist

      No need to update build settings for launch storyboard support.

      Set TARGETED_DEVICE_FAMILY to "1,2".

      Did not update build settings for launch storyboard support.

      iOS Product Name has not changed (still "mytestapplication")

      Updating icons at platforms/ios/mytestapplication/Images.xcassets/AppIcon.appiconset/

      This app does not have splash screens defined

      Updating launch storyboard images at platforms/ios/mytestapplication/Images.xcassets/LaunchStoryboard.imageset/

      Updating Storyboard image set contents.json

      This app does not have additional resource files defined

      Prepared iOS project successfully

      No scripts found for hook "after_prepare".

      No scripts found for hook "before_compile".


      (node:29526) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Unhandled promise rejection (rejection id: 1):

      (node:29526) DeprecationWarning: Unhandled promise rejections are deprecated. In the future, promise rejections that are not handled will terminate the Node.js process with a non-zero exit code.



      My build is failing using cordova build ios and phonegap build ios. It was working about 20 minutes ago but now it crashed again. I fixed it previous by uninstalling and reinstalling everything.. but that's ridiculous.




      cordova --version



      phonegap --version