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    Flash Builder Windows UI issue

    sivasankark85019895 Level 1

      In flash builder when I bring find window(all windows) it occupy entire flash builder(like a tab in browser). I resized it to small size and close it. Again when I open the finder window agin it come in full screen. After installed flash I didn't change any settings in flash builder.


      Few try:

      I reinstalled the flash builder by delete the old preference too no use.

      Created new workspace no use.

      Resize the windows and save it as a customize perspective no use.

      All my friends using the same os and flash builder version no one having the issue


      Attached video link for  reference  FlashBuilder windows Issue - YouTube


      Let me know how to solve the issue.



      OS : I have mac Os version 10.12.5


      Thanks in advance fro your help