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    Photoshop doesn't recognize pen for brush


      I have a Flex 4 and it comes as a touchscreen monitor and it responds to my newest touch-screen pen except when I use the brush tool in photoshop. Why??

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Touch support is not the same thing as Digital Pen support.   A stylus on a touch screen is not a pen its a finger substitute for touch support. Does you Flex 4 support a pen.  Photoshop brushes interface with pen and mice devices does not have a touch screen interface. You can not finger paint with Photoshop except on touch devices that support touch like a mouse.  Like touch pads that have left and right buttons like mice have.   If you have a pen you man hace a configuration ptoblem.  Is your  Pen support via Microsofi Ink APIs  or Wintab APIs.