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    Cursor flickers and deselects menues


      Hi, I'm using muse  on a new acer aspire 7 with Windows 10 and every time I start it up the cursor begins (and never ends) flickering it's loading state. I also cannot open menues (they immediately close) or use shortcuts. The program seems to be pulling most of my CPU in this idle state, and the cursor continues flickering when using other programs aswell (such as this browser window). Bug does not appear in any other CC application, but renders muse more or less unresponsive.


      Please Help.

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          ankushr40215001 Level 7

          Hey WOKKY666,


          Sorry to find you in this trouble.

          Since when are you facing such issue, does it also happen with a new file?


          It might also happen because of preferences.


          Please try the following steps see if any of them works.

          Solution 1: Reset Preferences

          • Make sure Adobe Muse is not open.

          For Windows:

          • Go to the following path in Windows Explorer. C:\Users\<user_name>\AppData\Roaming
          • (Replace <user_name> with your username)
          • Look for a folder named as "com.adobe.AdobeMuseCC.VERSION" and rename it to "com.adobe.AdobeMuseCC.VERSION_old"

          For MAC:

          • Go to Following location ~/Library/Preferences
          • Rename the following folder by adding "_old" at the end of them
          • com.adobe.AdobeMuseCC.VERSION and AdobeMuse


          Now try to launch Muse and check if it works


          Solutions 2: Uninstall and Reinstall

          Uninstall Muse from Creative Cloud application

          During the process please click "Yes Remove Preferences"

          Once Muse is uninstalled and reinstall it and try to launch






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            WOKKY666 Level 1



            Thanks, but both these solutions are not working for me. I have had this laptop since friday, so the problem started right from the start.

            The issue is there when I start the application. I cannot access the any menu items or shortcuts or even click on a box to type numbers when i start a new project.

            I can click on buttons like "create new" and "open", but no right clicking or accessing any type of menues.


            While going over my other cc apps, I noticed animate having the same issue


            Kind regards,


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              WOKKY666 Level 1



              I found a workaround in this video

              Photoshop CC 2018 Flickering cursor/menus not opening Problem Fix - YouTube


              You have to locate the folder CEPHtmlEngine and remove the file "icudtl.dat"


              Same works for animate