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    How to reset Microsoft account password when you forgot it

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      For Windows users who use Microsoft account as Windows 8 credentials, you can easily reset your lost Windows 8 password from any browser, on any computer or device, including your smartphone. This is because Microsoft manages those accounts online.

      • 1. On your computer, smartphone or any device that have internet access, visit the Microsoft Account Password Reset page: https://account.live.com/password/reset
      • 2. In the Microsoft account field, fill in the blank with the email address you use as your Microsoft account. If you are not sure what email it is, turn on your computer and you will see it on the logon screen.Fill another blank with the text you see and then click or touch the Next button. This is for security check.
      • 3. Then another screen will appear and gives you 3 options: Email me a reset link, Send a code to my phone and I can't use any of these options.

        Microsoft account password

      A. Email me a reset link

      If you chose Email me a reset link, you'll be presented with one or more email addresses that you've previously associated with your Microsoft account.Head to Next and you'll get a screen informing you that "We've sent a password reset link to these email addresses". Check your email account and open the email from Microsoft account team. Click the password reset link included in that email to reset your Microsoft account password.

      B. Send a code to my phone

      Chose this option, you'll have a code sent to the phone number you've associated with your Microsoft account. This code will be made available to you either via text message or phone call. Once you receive the code, enter it in the "Enter your code" field and then press Submit.how to reset microsoft account password

      C. I can't use any of these options

      If neither of the above options works for you, this option could be your last resort. Click this option and then enter your Microsoft account email address in the Email address field and provide an alternative email address that Microsoft's support team can reach. Then click Next to proceed.You will then be displayed the Recover your Microsoft account page on which you should enter and submit your info. Then wait for the email from Microsoft account team, and click the password reset link in the email to get your new password.

      How to reset Microsoft account password if you still remember it

      To prevent your computer being hacked, you can reset or change your Microsoft account password regularly, say every 2 months. This takes only several minutes.

      For Windows 8 Exclusively

      • 1. Log into Windows 8, click the profile icon and then select Account settings from the drop-down menu. The account settings page will appear.
      • 2. Locate the Password and security info group and then select Change password.

        change Microsoft account password
      • 3. Enter your current password and your new password. And type your new password again to confirm.
      • 4. Click Save. Your password will be changed.

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