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    Svg-file displayed bigger as the original. And how to erase white background?


      Hello all, When I place my logo on the master-page (#1), the result is #2.

      While designing my logo in Illustrator, I've set my screen display view at 100%. So I expect, I'm designing at a real, actual size.


      Three questions:

      1) Why is the logo displayed a lot bigger?

      2) And why do I see the white background (while the file is saved as svg)

      3) With adding the cropping cut-marks, I expected to loose the white area outside the logo. But it's still there...


      Allready thanks for the answers.


      Kind regards from the Netherlands





      #2 - I've placed the logo (svg-file).

      The thin, vertical strokes left and right, are the cropping cut-marks from Illustrator.




      #3 - This has to be the final result, like I've designed it in Photoshop:



      It's possible; My question is more Illustrator-related. But with placing Ilustrator eps files in print-designs; I never had this problem.