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    Error Message: Some files on the server may be missing or incorrect.




      I have been using Muse for about a year trying to build my company website, so it's quite possible that I could be missing something very basic. Last year we made a very basic website that ran smoothly, but lately we've been trying to remaster the website to create a better look. After rebuilding it from the ground up, we finally managed to get the website up and running; however, we keep getting this error message saying "Some files may be missing or incorrect, please contact website author if problem persists." I'm not sure how to fix it and, what makes matters worse, it shows up randomly. Sometimes it shows up on my computer, sometimes it shows up on others, and sometimes it doesn't show up at all. This is a huge problem for us because obviously we don't want our clients having to deal with an error message every time you click on something. Does anyone here know how I can fix this? I've tried taking out all the widgets I used, updating to the latest version, as well as going into the xml and changing the code to just not send that message and the problem still happens.


      Here's the website: illum8prod.com


      The desktop version is the only functional version right now, but it's just so weird to me. The problem could also have been solved somehow because I haven't seen it on my computer in a little while, but sometimes it does that.


      Any help would be appreciated!