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    Photoshop CC: UI size changed after recent update.


      Hi there


      With my first, smaller laptop, the UI was a perfect size and worked nicely. After a while, I got a new, larger screened laptop and the Photoshop UI was scaled down dramatically. At first I found this strange and hard to get used to but after a while I started to enjoy the smaller interface and it's advantages. My canvas was much larger and the UI was much less distracting and offered more space for me to work.

      This lasted for about a year or two. Now, with the recent update, Adobe has automatically made the UI bigger again and my working area is significantly smaller. My canvas is not much bigger than my smaller laptop screen! The font is bigger and the tab widths are larger.


      I have tried the various options available (preferences, interspace, workspace, advanced, etc). I have selected Tiny UI Font size, UI scaling to 100%, deactivated large tabs and STILL nothing has changed after I closed and restart. I have tried setting the UI to Auto and 200% but of course nothing changed. I can manually drag the tabs to a smaller or large width but even the smallest width is bigger than the original.


      Any help would be appreciated!

      Thank you