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    Cordova/Phonegap heavy cpu load

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      We have created a sample project in Phonegap where it has a native activity page along with a Cordova webview activity page.

      When it is in native activity page Total CPU usage its showing 30-35% only but when its navigating to the Cordova webview activity page.

      Total CPU usage is getting increased to 66-70%.

      We are using "System Monitor App" to monitor Total CPU usage consumed by this App.


      Below are the steps followed to create a simple Phonegap app-

      1. cordova create helloworld

      2. cordova platform add android

      3. cordova build android

      4. Open Android Studio and load the project.

      5. Once loaded clean and build the project


      This is our version number:-

      PhoneGap version: 6.5.0

      Cordova android platform version: 6.1.2


      Our question is why its taking so much CPU usage when its in Cordova webview activity page?