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    component is in satisfied state.

    safiurr6781691 Level 1

      One of the component class is not getting active in OSGI.

      I am using AEM6.2 version. (No hotfix/Service pack installed except acs commons package).

      There is a service class which has 3 injections








      Even if some components which are not having any injection are also in satisfied state.


      Iam getting below error:


      GlobalServiceImpl component is in satisfied state. While accessing a page, it calls TestService


      12.03.2018 21:13:25.927 *ERROR* [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 [1520869404652] GET /content/sir/en/homepage.html HTTP/1.1] com.day.cq.wcm.core.impl.WCMDebugFilter Error during include of SlingRequestPathInfo: path='/content/test/en/homepage/jcr:content', selectorString='null', extension='html', suffix='null'

      org.apache.sling.api.scripting.ScriptEvaluationException: javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problems:

      Only a type can be imported. com.test.core.service.test.TestService resolves to a package

      Only a type can be imported. com.test.core.service.test.Test_User_Profile resolves to a package

      TestService cannot be resolved to a type

      TestlService cannot be resolved to a type

      Test_User_Profile cannot be resolved to a type

      at org.apache.sling.scripting.core.impl.DefaultSlingScript.call(DefaultSlingScript.java:416)

      at org.apache.sling.scripting.core.impl.DefaultSlingScript.eval(DefaultSlingScript.java:184)

      at org.apache.sling.scripting.core.impl.DefaultSlingScript.service(DefaultSlingScript.java:4 91)


      Tried restarting the instance, still same issue is there. All bundles are correctly deployed and are in active state. Why components are not active?

      Can anyone help me to resolve this issue.