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    Lightroom CC taking forever to do anything


      I mean it...anything! Switching between photos, downloading, importing, adjustments...etc. It is almost completely non-responsive to my movements on the mouse too; If I highlight an area, for example to touch up, even the slider on the right won't move when I actually adjust things, it takes between .5-2 seconds to move, and only gets worse everytime I make a movement.


      I have a Ibuypower Desktop with i7-7700 (3.60), 16 GB Ram. and a 1 TB hard drive. So, what is going on?


      BTW, this wasn't happening prior to today (literally, today). Everything was fine until LR stopped in the middle of importing photos and now nothing is working properly. Mind you, Adobe took two hours to look over everything (in reality, I waited 1.5 hrs for them to spend 30 min with me) and say it was acting normally.


      Anyone out there have an answers?