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    Speed and Editing Upgrades NEEDED/WANTED, please :)


      I enjoy using Muse for my clients but a lot of times the client wants more "advanced" designed then originally planned (such as payment options, shopping cart, large quantity of pages, etc...).


      I would like to edit "elements" or "divs" once, in one place. Right now, I have to edit each individual page if I'm not editing a "style". Can there be a "div" window?


      Character & Paragraph Styles:

      • I would like to manually edit the styles. "Light" editing can be faster for "advanced" users.
      • I use the same style for multiple pages, but there's a style sheet for each individual page. Shouldn't some styles be in a master style sheet to cut down on load time?


      There are a few requests:

      1. Faster Websites: Websites that I've created in Muse have a D rating on speed tests (even after compressing every single graphic).
      2. Able to edit stylesheets easily - or "Light" editing
      3. Can we have 1 "master" stylesheet instead of a stylesheet for each individual page?
      4. Muse's stylesheets are gibberish to me and are not organized. All combined on 1 line.
      5. Integration with Dreamweaver: I would like to add additional "advanced" elements to websites that muse doesn't have. Also, Bootstrap "advance" editing/features.
      6. Cleaner Code with Clearer, Editable Divs: maybe a dialog box that pops up and asks to name a new div when one is created.


      Some Muse sites I've done so you can see what all is happening:

      [links repaired ussnorway http://pawpagesmag.com + https:tailgatestation.net ]

      Thank you.