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    Help! Button and Banner link not working

      I've posted this under General discussion, but nobody replied. So, here I am asking for your expert advice.

      I created a banner but the link is not working. It works when I click on "Control" then "Test Movie." when I click on the banner, it took me to the page. However, when I clicked on File - Publish Preview - HTML that was when everything fell apart. the banner link did not work. It turned to a hand when I rolled over the button, but did not do anything else. It just sat there.

      Do you convert the image to a Button, Graphic, or Image? I converted it to a button and place the code below. That did not work. Well, it worked during preview (control, test movie), but did not work when viewed as HTML (File, publish setting, html). What's the correct way of creating a banner that takes you to page you want it to go?

      Below is the code I used, but did not seem to work.