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    Can't get licence for Elements 14 after trial period


      After my trial period for Elements 14 ended, I clicked on "Licence this software." I paid the fee but received a serial number for Elements 2018 (and a download link) instead of the earlier version that will actually work on my Mac (OS 10.9.5). I entered the serial number that Adobe sent me but Elements 14 wouldn't activate with it.


      I just spent an hour on Adobe chat support but the staffer could only give me a refund -- no ability to issue a serial number that will work with my trial Elements 2014. He told me I had to go to a retailer or third-party to get the older version but Adobe offers uploads of the older versions.


      I suspect there is a route to pay for Elements 14 after the trial but all my attempts lead to a licence for Elements 2018.


      Any help would be appreciated.