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    Photoshop Normal Maps Still Broken


      Whats up with the normal maps feature?  When I make a perfectly tillable texture using offset everything looks fine.  Been making them in PS for years.  However when I take them into the Normal Maps feature, it destroys the tile and give me seems if I offset it.    I read the other post regarding this same issue, but the answer seemed to be a long, long workaround or  "use your 3D program instead". 


      First of all that's now how 3D works.  You model in 3D but all the textures are typical 2D photo.  Sometimes you make 3 or 4 variations of the same texture map which is why PS is good for that.   There used to be a plugin that did this Normal Map in PS but it's no longer working so I was thrilled to discover it was incorporated into PS.  Sadly, its unusable because it creates seems from a seamless tile.


      I thought the whole reason/excuse Adobe went to cloud is because they never intended PS for armatures, it was for professionals and therefore commanded a professional price.  So what gives with a feature thats been around since 2014 and still broken?  Professional price, but no pro features.  Come on Adobe fix this already. Add a keep tiled button.