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    Custom sort is not working in the web gallery


      I've spent a lot of time setting up an album with a custom sort order exactly how I want it (using Mobile CC). However, when I share this album to a web gallery, it isn't displaying in the proper order. It defaults to the 'reverse' custom order I created. (Also the case for the web version of CC). It looks like there should be a simple solution - just click on the "reverse order" icon (oddly available ONLY in the web gallery, but NOT on the web version of CC - Adobe really needs to get their act together and create feature parity across the mobile, desktop and web version of CC. But I digress...) However, clicking on this icon does NOT reverse the order - it just seems to scramble it. What is going on and how can I fix this? I've had the proper order show up in the past, so I know it can work.