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    My relinking imported new files. Help!


      Hey guys,

      I'm having a few problems on Premiere CC 2017.
      I added proxies that I had made on Media Encoder to my project using the new proxy method where you can toogle between the proxies and the originals using the "toogle proxies" button.

      Then I put the proxies and the project in an external hard drive and opened the project on a MAC.


      FIRST PROBLEM: the "reveal in finder" button is greyed out, even when I tried disabling and enabling the toogle button.

      Anyway, I continued my project normally. Until I plugged the hard drive back on my WINDOWS where the original files were, brought an original file into the project, that had no proxy link and forgot to remove it.

      Now, returning to my MAC it asks to relink several files, I relink them by chunks, as premiere would only relink a few automatically at a time.



      SECOND PROBLEM: when I finish relinking and open the project I realize that the videos on the timeline are wrong, so when I go to look at the file directory on the metadata, the videos that are wrong are actually linked directly to the proxies on this external hard drive, while all other files still show the directory of the original media that was on the WINDOWS. But premiere didn't simply relink the files to the proxies in the external hard drive, it imported these proxies (just added, didn't replace)  into the project and replaced every moment in the timelines where I had these specific videos that relinked wrong!


      So now I have several timelines linked to ramdom videos I didn't chose and my project panel has videos I didn't manually import.


      But heres the catch. The video files have same names. Its a movie that was shot on several days and each card has the same file names.

      So for example I have:

      Folder Day 1 - files: 01; 02; 03; 04; 06

      Folder Day 2 - files: 01; 02; 03

      Folder Day 3 - files: 01; 02; 03; 04; 05; 06; 07; 08


      So I understand that it could have relinked wrong...but why did it import another file into my project. That's what I want to know.


      I hope my explanation wasn't too confusing... and if anyone has an answer that could help me reach an easear solution, I know of many manual solutions, but I really wanted to understand why this happened.


      Thank you so much!