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    Adobe brand loyalty dropping even further. Is there no bottom?

    Ahston Level 1

      Another day of working on Premiere. Just had my third crash before lunch. Premiere have wasted at least half an hour of my time so far today. I've had to look up three different and unconnected issues. In other words, an normal day with Adobe Premiere Pro. I have no positive feelings left for adobe. There is no excuse for releasing software this unstable and I can't wait to move to other software as soon as I conclude my ongoing projects.

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          yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

          Could you give us more context (hardware, OS, media types, Premiere version) so we can try to assist you?

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            riklard Level 2

            Just for you to understand, It's sometimes hard to say who's faulty. Is it the OS, the hardware or PPRO ?

            If you have a look on the forum, there is a lot of people complaning about Premiere but most of the time it's on Mac OS.

            From the begining, Adobe has worked with Nvidia to communicate with the GPU of their graphic cards.

            Apple decided to work with ATI and Open CL. So Adobe has to re encode everything to ensure Mercury playback works with Open CL.

            Another point I have read is that if you use an ATI card and using DaVinci Resolve for exemple, it might install cuda Drivers also ( Nvidia Technology ) and might cause issues with Premiere also ( causing conflicts with drivers from Nvidia and ATI ).

            But as Yenaphe said, give us more info about your environnement and try to work with Mercury Playback engine software only for the moment.

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              Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              It's the price paid for the software industry's fetish with "Agile". Customers demand the latest gadgets as quickly as possible, and there's simply no way to test every combination of buttons, effects and codecs between each release. It would be a bigger project to write a full coverage DevOps-style testing suite than it is to write the application itself, so testing relies on people. In the pre-CC days a new version of Creative Suite sat in pre-release for up to a year while we tried to break it, and beta versions regularly got into double figures. There were still bugs, every time.


              With Agile, customers become the primary testers - that works pretty well if there's a massive budget and engineering team to fix the mountain of bugs you know will be reported (Microsoft has Patch Tuesday for that very reason) but Adobe is a tiny company in comparison. There will never be a perfect version of something with 4 million lines of code, even the biggest open-source projects like Linux are constantly finding new problems caused by obscure loops written years ago. Adobe does fix things that have been reported, but they can't turn around a new version overnight.


              In the CS days, the mantra was "find a good version and stick with it until your work is done". That's pretty much impossible now; so yes there are arguments for switching to conventional 'boxed' software that only updates every few years. Whether the arguments win out is different for every customer; if you're working on a feature film then a rock-solid suite of tools that have been proven to work in exactly the same conditions can be essential (same argument why people shoot on Alexa); if you're an agency receiving projects from clients then being able to open the latest version of everything (project files and camera footage) is probably more important. Adobe can't cater to both, certainly not at the prices it charges, and frankly there are more customers in the second group.

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                Ahston Level 1

                Thanks for your input guys. I bought a new iMac i7 and put 40 GB of ram in it, in large part because I thought that would fix some of the issues with Premiere. It's been a disappointment. I recently updated everything, because that is the first thing they tell you when you call them. That created new problems and didn't seem to fix any of the old ones. But I'm afraid that I'm beyond the point where I bother to try and figure out how to make it work better. I've spent countless hours reading through these kinds of threads on this and other forums, only to run into new problems as soon as there is an update. I've called support many times. They do sometimes find workarounds for me. But usually these conversations end when I tell them that I use a Wacom tablet, which is then immediately blamed for all the problems I experience. But here's the thing about that: If you are a professional editor, you are extremely likely to suffer injuries in your wrist or hand over time, as I did. And it's hard to take Premiere seriously as a software for professionals, if they won't take the responsibility to integrate one of the most commonly used alternatives to a mouse in a business where these injuries are so  common. If I can't use a Wacom, I can't edit. At least not in the long term. So I have no choice but to live with and work around all these problems until I can move all future projects to Avid –that works much better with Wacom– or perhaps DaVinci, that may or may not be more stable but which is at least not that expensive. I understand it's actually free.

                So I appreciate that you want to help me solve this and I'm sorry to waste your time, but I'm really just found that ranting about this on this forum is the most satisfying way of spending that time, while I wait for Premiere to reboot.

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                  R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  We understand the need to rant occasionally ... probably all been there, done that.


                  I do use a Wacom tablet on my Win10 rig, though I got a 'veritical mouse' and also a Razer Orbweaver button-thingy. And I'm not using the Wacom nearly as much within PrPro as I used to.


                  From what I've seen there might be more trouble with the Wacom tablets on Mac ... sad about that.



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                    riklard Level 2

                    I can't see the meaning of using a pen to make editing. I got an intuos and for me the mouse is way better, but no matter.

                    This is very sad that people face trouble with Premiere on Mac platform but I don't think Adobe is the only one to blame. Mac OS can be faulty and there were know issues with some GPU inside IMac generations.

                    The only thing I can tell you is that I use Premiere almost every day on my PC and everything works absolutly fine. The last critical issue I got was an old project I wanted to open and has been corrupted. Windows 10, GTX 780, double Xeon 2.4 ghz, 24 Go RAM and no anti virus on my computer. Things has changed . If final cut works better on your Imac, go for it, if Resolve works fine with your Imac, go for it, because the only thing that matter is to have a tool that works to make your job.