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    Copy image/Merged -> Paste in mail/outlook

    Multipasser Level 1

      As a designer I make often make lots of different variations on a design.

      The fastest workflow for me was just selecting all, copy Merged and paste it in outlook (for mac).

      That's has worked fine for 8 years now, but now i'm on a new iMac with a fresh install: latest PS CS version, High Sierra (previews OS was El Cap) and I'm running a the latest Outlook 2016 (previous version was 2011).


      So basicly I'm dealing with 3 new program's in my workflow.

      The problem is: when I paste my image clipboard into mail they are pasted as TIFF's!

      Previously they were pasted as PNG's and are so much smaller!

      I used to be able to paste around 5 to 6 HD clipboard, now I can hardly do one!


      I know I can 'save' all files with export but copy/paste is even less clutter!


      Can any one help me out what the the problem can be?
      I pasted in osx Mail and its also a tiff. So that rules out outlook?


      So it's PS CS or OSX High Sierra that changed the clipboard data?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          I think you should ask in a Microsoft outlook forum and look at Outlooks options and preferences.  Photoshop is not a file editor a file would not be put into a system clipboard even for the composite of visible layers. If a file would be copied to the clipboard I would expect it to be Photoshop native choice PSB even for small file.  If paste is attaching in a Tiff file I thing  would be the application handling the paste the is creating a tiff file to be attached to your e-mail

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            norman.sanders Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If there a reason for locking yourself into the file size limitation of Outlook when such sites as Dropbox, WeTransfer and similar apps are available?

            If the client also has Photoshop have you considered Window > Layer Comps for all versions in a single file posted to one of the above sites?

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              Multipasser Level 1

              No, clients just want preview in mail.

              No external links or downloads. That's extra clutter on the drive.


              Used to work for years and years.

              Now suddenly it's TIFF's it pastes.. strange.


              Well I know there is a terminal code to change the screenshot mode in osx to jpg/png/pdf/tiff but Osx makes PNG's as screenshots now so don't think that's linked to my problem.


              I've asked MS forum.