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    BlazeDS with spring

      I am getting an error while implementing
      I have followed all the steps from beginning.
      I am getting this error message - Blazeds startup failed when i try to run tomcat .
      I checked in ds-console also Blazeds -Application is not running.

      Blazeds -Application is starting properly when I remove listener node in web.xml

      I have placed the spring.jar file under \blazeds\WEB-INF\lib and made all the changes in
      and applicationContext.xml
      Can anyone help me out in this..

      Thanks & Regards
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          SujitG Level 2

          Can you please check out if there is some other error than BlazeDS start p failed. Usually there will be other message which will give us a clue in terms of why BlazeDS start up failed. Please check in the stdout.log or if this is set to your console then check in the tomcat console.
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            Mail2sunil Level 1
            HI Sujit,
            I got it working now..... The problem is with spring.jar. I was using spring framework version 2.0.8.
            I have replaced it with Spring Framework 2.5.5. Now it is working fine.....
            I have no clue why the sample is not working with spring framework version 2.0.8.