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    Horizontal Flicker - on imported h264 mov - 1998x1080px - on several computers

    Aecorn Level 1

      We are a professional animation studio, Qvisten, and we're using Premiere as our main editing software.


      The last week we are experiencing some weird flickering when playing back and exporting in premiere. See the top of images attached, the flicker does occur in the whole image, but mostly on the top.




      Its almost like a "temporal glitch", where certain lines in the image are being replaced with info from other times in the edit.


      The files imported are h264 encoded .mov files. They originate both from Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, and RVIO. They are 1:85, 1998x1080px.

      The issue is only present after placing the quicktimes in a timeline in Premiere, not in for example playing the input files back in VLC on the same computer.

      There are no Effects or Basic Motion on the clips.

      This has so far "spread" to 4 computers, one computer seems to be "immune" from the issue, which would probably encourage further investigation on the difference between these.

      We have tried:

      1. Cleaning caches and restarting.
      2. Setting the Renderer to Software only in General Project settings (and back again).
      3. Edit > Preferences > Media > Enable accelerated Intel h264 decoding (turned off and restarted, turned on and restarted).
      4. Converting the input-files to proresLT using ffmpeg beforehand seems to solve the issue, but this workaround would mean changing our whole pipeline and a lot of work to implement, and we still haven't identified the issue.
      5. Updating graphic drivers on one computer didnt seem to help.
      6. A project at 1440x778px seems to be fine, suggesting it might have something to do with frame-buffer-size?
      7. There is one computer/user which has "touched" only the affected projectfiles, we are now testing if we can recreate the "bug" by opening project-files on this user's computer.


      Any hints on further measures we can take to save our projectfiles would be appreciated.