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    Need photoshop to automatically rotate items to make smallest width


      Hi Guys, I am attempting automatically rotate item (layer) so that the width of the item is at its narrowest.


      So visually I want to go from this...



      to this



      my starting point is this..


      starting point.jpg

      As you can see from the laters it is an item photographed on a green screen.


      My reason for attempting this is to achieve a foolproof auto-rotate action that can be applied to a folder of images. I have played around with various auto rotate tools is CS, LR and even Elements. They work on 95% of the cases but in a few cases it fails (maybe the lines within the image itself are effecting the rotation.


      So could there be a tool within CS that I am missing or would it be possible to use photoshop scripts to achieve this?


      Thanks, James