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    Dreamweaver 18.1 is now live

    Preran Adobe Employee

      Hi all,


      Dreamweaver 18.1 is now live and can be downloaded from the Creative Cloud desktop application. If you do not see it listed, see Update apps to the October 2017 release of Adobe Creative Cloud to check for app updates.


      List of new features: New features summary for the 2018 releases of Dreamweaver CC


      • Support for Bootstrap 4.0.0
      • Support for HiDPI display (Windows)
      • Support for multiple monitors (Windows)
      • Enhancements to GIT support
        • Test connectivity to remote repositories
        • Save credentials
        • Search files in GIT panel
        • Indicator for merge conflict.


      Known Issues: Issues when selecting RTL text (Known issues in the 18.0 and 18.1 releases of Dreamweaver CC )

      Release Notes:Release notes for the October 2017 release of Dreamweaver

      System Requirements: Dreamweaver system requirements


      Am locking this discussion. Please create separate discussion threads for topics related to this release.