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    Dw & Bootstrap 4

    pziecina Level 7



      Hi Preran,


      Thank you for posting about the Dw 18.1 update.


      Reading the documentation I noticed that there is only a link for creating sites using bootstrap v3.x, and not for bootstrap v4. I don't know if the Dw implementation of v4 has changed the default layout in v4 from flexbox to that used in v3.x, (floats), but the use of flexbox would make the documentation links and editing v4 in Dw significantly different to the previous versions.


      Can you ask the Dw team if they can post updated links for bootstrap v4 and its usage, and if they can clarify how users would create their own css for flexbox properties, as unless there has finally been some improvments to the css designer it does not support a visual css flexbox implementation, or a stand alone css auto-prefixer?


      Everyone knows my thoughts on using a framework, especially when it is flexbox based, (like paying for a first class ticket, then insisting one travels in the cargo bay).