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    State Rollower only works on Master Page


      Hey, I have created a Menu Bar with animated rollover States. In the Master Page, where it was created, it is working without problems, the red underlining is popping up as it should, if i however open the "Home" page, the rollover from the Master Page is not working anymore and I am at a loss, there are no layers on top of it whatsoever. I have uploaded a muse file with the problem to dropbox. If someone could help me, this would be great! Thanks!



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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          Seems a little bit strange. Maybe(!!) your menu is somehow corrupted.

          What I tried:

          • I made your menu considerable wider, tried „uniform size“ instead of „uniform spacing“ and sometimes it worked.
          • I rebuild your menu exactly, and it worked without any hassles – on master ans layout page.

          Could you try to rebuild your menu and take care of the fonts you are using? It is only a matter of minutes.

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