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    March 2018 update to InDesign CC (13.1) is here!

    srishtib8795206 Adobe Employee



      I am pleased to announce that we have released InDesign CC version short while ago.


      Here are few of the many things we have accomplished this release.


      Consistent shortcut key presets

      You now have an option to use Photoshop or Illustrator keyboard shortcuts in InDesign.


      New presets for mobile in New Document dialog

      In this build, new presets for mobile have been added in the New Document dialog. You can

      now use mobile presets for iPhone X, iPhone 8, Google Pixel, and more.


      Exporting single page PDFs

      Now, while exporting an InDesign document as PDF, you have an option to create separate

      PDFs for each page or spread.


      Merge paragraph borders

      You now have an option to merge the paragraph borders of two consecutive paragraphs, if

      they have same paragraph border properties.


      Endnotes support in InCopy

      With this build, endnotes are now available in InCopy as well. You can now import, edit, and

      check-in endnotes in InCopy. You can also export endnotes as icma and icml.


      Cmd-N preview

      While creating a new document, you now have an option to preview the document as you

      make changes in the New Document dialog.


      Hex input field for colors

      Currently, the hex value edit field is available in the Color Picker dialog only. With this build,

      the hex value edit field is available in Color panel also.


      Cross-reference UI enhancements

      When you create a cross-reference, you have to select a paragraph style first and then search

      a particular paragraph from a list of paragraphs.

      With this build, you can search a particular paragraph from the list of paragraphs with the

      help of a search bar.


      IDML retains its file name on opening:

      In this build, IDML will not open as an untitled document. It will open with the name of the

      IDML file.


      Full release notes here: March 2018 (13.1) release of InDesign CC Release Notes

      Feature Summary: https://helpx.adobe.com/in/indesign/using/whats-new.html


      Visit your Adobe Creative Cloud Application and update. If you do not see an update on the application please check for update from the flyout options on the application after clicking on three vertical dots. For step by step process please visit: https://helpx.adobe.com/in/creative-cloud/help/download-install-app.html#Checkforupdates