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    Words starting with Swedish letters not generated in right order in index




      I am working with Indesign 2018 and I have a problem with the index of a book written in Swedish. Swedish has three extra letters Å, Ä and Ö and words beginning with these letters should go at the end of the alphabet / index. However, after generating the index indesign places words that start with Å and Ä immediately after the words starting with A.  And the words that start with Ö are placed immediately after the words starting with O. See below.


      orsaken och verkan. Se handlingar och effekter; karma

      otaliga levande varelser  97, 155

      ödmjukhet  134–138

      önskande kärlek  80, 183–194

      önskeuppfyllande juvel  98, 113, 124, 201, 212

      övertygelse  197, 199


      Palden, Geshe  195

      pansarliknande ansträngning  159

      potential  5, 52, 99–100, 121, 131, 169–170, 197

      för att gynna levande varelser  189, 194, 197

      för att återfödas i ett rent land  200

      primärt sinne  228. O .


      The only way I can fix this at the moment is to manually move the Å, Ä and Ö words to the end after generating the index. But if I need to make change to the index and generate it again then I need to manually move these words again.


      I have already set the language to Swedish in the character panel, so I don't know what else to do.


      Does anyone have any tips?


      Many thanks!