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    Using Scheduler API

    anujk4 Level 1


      I have a specific use case where i would like to take input from user to schedule a particular job in AEM. I am using a simple form on front end and sending those values to server (Sling servlet mapped to the URL in ajax call) using an ajax call. Those values are needed to create a job scheduled at the time that the user has selected. I am not able to come up with a solution where i can pass on these custom parameters that i picked up from UI to the scheduler and create a job.

      Most of the articles that i came across are using @Property  annotation and passing cron expression as OSGI bundle property and use this value in Activate method to create a job and other relevant options.

      Can i pass some values from Front end to servlet and then to the class where i can create a scheduled job using the parameters i supply from front end?