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    Wacom Bamboo Tablet not working with Flash CS6

    nathanb30332851 Level 1

      I've been using my Wacom tablet (model CTL-470) to work in Flash CS6 for years with no problems, but for the last couple days they haven't worked together anymore. The tablet still works normally in other programs and the problem doesn't seem to be with Flash. What's happening is that most of the time when I try to make a mark, nothing happens except that the cursor becomes invisible and the scroll bars move, but the display does not scroll until I move the scroll bars myself, at which point it suddenly "catches up" to the position it should be in. Using the button on the stylus to scroll does the same thing.
      I have minor problems with this tablet setup fairly often, but they usually go away on their own after a while, or I get used to them because they don't make it entirely unusable, but I need to fix this. I considered buying a new tablet as I've had this one for nearly a decade, but since it works fine in other programs I assume it's not the problem and I can't really afford a new one anyway.