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    Illustrator Issue with 'jumping cursor' in connection with Hej Stylus!

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      I'm creating Hej Stylus! a nifty app to add some smoothing algorithms on your stylus' output.

      So far this means smooth sailing in Ps but Illustrator is still a big problem.


      We -the creators- are wondering if Illustrator / Adobe is pulling events aside from the system event stream directly from the Wacom driver?

      Mainly we're listening to tablet events run your algos and release the modified events (position f.i.) to the systems event stream (roughly speaking).


      The outcome in Ai is pretty annoying, though. Running the digitizer without a Wacom driver settles the issue – also steering Hej Stylus! with mouse or trackpad.

      So we believe we need to talk to you, Adobe. Is there a way to establish a connection to the development team to settle / gain some insight in this matter?


      Best regards, Eilert – hejstylus.com