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    Proxies in a group project

    AboutTheBenjamin Level 1

      I've been working with another editor on a project where we've been using proxies. I made the proxies and the project file and then sent those to him. He was unable to link the proxies as "The selected file cannot be linked because it has 2 audio channel(s) and the clip was created with 0 audio channel(s) with a different channel type." When he sent me his sequence, I was surprised to find that I couldn't relink the proxies and was forced to edit at 1/16th resolution (the originals are 5k RAW). The "relink media" and "proxy" options are greyed out when I right click the video files, and when I look at the file properties it reads:


      Proxy Media

      Offline: User Requested

      Media Path History :

      /Volumes/The Ansible/Video Projects/Son of Man/A006_C020_0316TU_001_Proxy.mov


      Showing that the media was still linked but is offline. How do I turn the proxies online?

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          Carlos.Ugarte Level 1

          I experienced the same issue once when my editor worked remotely with proxy files. The solution was to highlight each video file, double-click to get the menu choices and choose "Replace Footage" then make sure that you are attaching the raw file (or high res) then click "open" and the message "offline: User requested" disappear and its replace by the "online" status. I hope that helps.