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    Can I pin layers on the positions of main layer, for responsive transformation?


      Hi guys,


      I have questions if i can in Photoshop create something like this. For example i have this box and i want make it responsive for transform changes:

      I want pin all layers (text and white bg) to gray background layer:

      And now... if i transform gray background layer (or all group) it distor all layers like this (we all know why...)

      But I wonder if is some way to keep size, position and all aspect of layers, and only move them during the transformation with gray background layer. So result after transformation gray background layer look like this:


      ...any suggestions if is posible in Photoshop, and how to do that?

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          norman.sanders Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Before you read the instructions below, please watch this nine-minute video which is devoted to Variables:

          Working with Variables in Photoshop - YouTube


          If I understand you correctly, what you have in mind can be accomplished with these steps:


          1. All images must be the same size: the dimensions of your box. If any are smaller:

               a. Write an Action that creates the full dimensions within the frame and puts an image on a layer above it

               b. Use the controls in the Move Options bar to center the image in the area

               c.  Flatten and save the image.


          2. With Frame file, Type files and Image files created, create the template and Excel file and run Variables

               a. Create a file with the pins in proper position on a transparent layer

               b. Write an Action that places the pins in all the files created in Variables


          3. Wider, image distorted version:

               a. Create a new – wider-- frame. (Don't transform the earlier frame. The  width of the side margins of the frame would change.)

               b. Write an Action that changes the image size by unlinking the H and W sizes in the Image > Image Size command, rather than using the Transform command.

               c.  Repeat the procedure of Step 2

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