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    Jumpy mouse in Photoshop on Mac (CS6)

    Floralcaster Level 1



      I'm using PhotoShop CS6 on an older Mac (OS 10.7.5 - Lion)


      In the past few days my mouse/cursor has started to act strangely when using any of the tools in PS (brushes, eraser, lasso, etc)


      What will happen is that I will be doing fine work with a brush and then all of a sudden the brush/cursor will jump and make an unintended line.


      I have cleaned the mouse, tried a new mouse, and reset the settings.


      I'm in the middle of a project so having to reinstall (providing I can even find the disks) will be a huge pain.


      I know my setup is old but that's what I've got for now and I will upgrade all when possible.


      Hopefully somebody will have a practical solution.


      Many thanks


      Adrian S