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    New Document profile - Change the Clipboard preset to Inches & 300ppi

    bajesus Level 1

      Every time i copy artwork from Illustrator to paste into a new photoshop document, the only available preset for creating the new document from the Clipboard has the dimension in pixels and the resolution @ 72 ppi. How can i change this default to be Clipboard, Inches & 300ppi?


      I already know that i can manually change Pixels to Inches and then Resolution from 72 to 300 each and every time I create a new document, i'm just hoping to eliminate those two steps. I also know that i can create a custom profile that is, say, 10" x 10" @ 300ppi and then i can resize the canvas to match whatever i paste into it. i'm not looking for a workaround. If the New Document "clipboard" profile already exists, there should be a way to either change its preference or create a new one with the preferences i outlined above. I just can't figure out how.


      Ages ago, photoshop used to retain the units of dimension and resolution from the previously created new document.


      I had an online chat with Adobe Customer Service and I couldn't get them to understand what i was asking for.




      Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 11.59.45 AM.png

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Mein File New shortcut  Ctrl+N (New document) Workspace Dialog  Your recent Items "Clipboard"  is not a preset it is a dynamic first enter or not. For if the Clipboard is empty there will be no "Clipboard" item. If you press Print screen theree will be a "clipboard" Item the size of your Display or Displays or active window with a 72DPI resolution. If you copy something with Photoshop Copy(Ctrl+C). Copy Merge(Shift+Ctrl+C),  or Cut(Ctrl+X) there will be a "Clipboard"  for  what you copied into the clipboard at the Document copied from resolution.  Yes the Recent Item "Clipboard" changes to what is in the Clipboard.  I think this is how "Clipboard" Always worked for me on Windows I do not  have a CMD key Like Mac users do. Perhape Mac clipboard in OSX is different.


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            bajesus Level 1

            I get what you're saying about there not being a preset per se.


            I'm curious what is the source of your clipboard element where you're given a clipboard resolution of 300ppi? is it from another photoshop file? Illustrator is resolution independent, so I'm curious why items copied from it default to 72dpi and why I can't change that.


            I can't remember which version in the past allowed this, it may have been as far back as CS5, but if I opened a new document in Photoshop with an Illustrator item in the clipboard, I could set the dimension to Inches and Resolution to 300ppi, same as I do now, but the difference being, all subsequent new documents would then use 300ppi and Inches as the defaults for Clipboard items... at least until the preferences file got corrupted or was otherwise deleted.


            It seems like a petty thing, but because I'm constantly switching between Illustrator and Photoshop, it was super convenient to keyboard cmd + N,  then cmd + V and be ready to go. New workflow habits are hard to adapt, and this is just an irritation piled upon other irritations where an "upgrade" either removes a feature or complicates a previously "simple" activity.

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              AS I wrote The resolution in the Clipboard will be the resolution of the document copied from.  I used the same document here for my screen captures I just changed the document Resolution between the firs and second copy. Menu Image Size resample not check and changed the resolution.  Not a single pixel is changed added or removed the Document resolution setting is changed so the size of the sides of the print changes.  The last two captures in both cases the were 700x500 px one was 100DPI the other 300 DPI.  The capture before them  I used PrtScn Windows did the Copy to the Clipboard.  From Chrome I could Copy HTML Text  Highlight and Copy(Crtl+C) or Use Alt+PrtScn and have windows copy chrome window image to the Clipboard.  It would be a 72dpi sRGB image in the clipboard.  Where  If Photoshop Did the copy the color space would be the color space of the document copied from.  I do not use other Adobe Applications like AI, Lightroom  etc I only use Photoshop what Other Application Copy to the Clipboard is not in my databank.  Photoshop can also Copy and Past Text from/to the text tool  using the clipboard.

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                georgeb78286213 Level 1

                I have the same frustrating issue. I use InDesign for creating print graphics and then some clients want the elements on their website. In CS6 you could copy graphics and images out of InDesign, open a new file in Photoshop and paste. The new document would be original size at 300ppi. I'm not sure what changed but I cannot find a way to do this using CC. My current work around is to scale the graphic (with effects) in InDesign up to 1000% before copying. Then I follow my traditional steps in Photoshop of new file, paste, resize, export, save for web as jpeg or png depending on the need. Hope this helps!

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