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    Including File Info / Metadata in PDF Exports


      I'm using Adobe Illustrator CC 22.0.1 for Windows.


      I'm looking for a stock settings change that will configure Illustrator to include the File Info or Metadata of the AI file when exporting graphics to PDF.

      In the image below you can see the metadata that I'm referring to:



      Here I've added a single string to the Keywords section. Which section or group isn't important. Any section or group would be fine. The string just needs to be included in the metadata for the exported PDF.


      I'm using the File > Export Selection  feature to create a PDF of selected graphics from the AI file. I don't see any options for including the metadata in the export process. Looking through the forum I read references to this feature being part of earlier Illustrator versions. I also read about people using scripts to do this. For my process I need a way to do this without using a script and without modifying the PDF after it's been exported. The goal is to include the metadata in the export process. Does anyone know if this is possible?