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    Email required to gain access to a link to hidden page??

    kallid80195761 Level 1

      Does anyone know if it is possible, and if it is possible how to....

         Create a page that an interested viewer would put in their email, the viewer would then receive an email that would give them a link to a hidden page where they could gain access to information?


      This is hard to explain, but I am creating a website for an business where people can invest in their business. The hidden page contains budget and business info. By making the investor enter their email, it will help to eliminate scammers and promote serious inquiries only.


      If this can not be done, does anyone have any other ideas to achieve something similar?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          In so many words: No. What you describe would require a full dynamic backend. This isn't even a matter of using those hacky "protect a page" tricks some people no doubt are going to propose. It begins with the fact that the page itself cannot be entirely "hidden" unless a new unique URL is generated for every user and that involves the core functions of a web server. Any static URL can be guessed or found out with simple fuzzing/ probing even if it may not actually be accessible due to user permissions. Conversely, any such unique URL's would have to be registered ins some database so they are recognized as valid and are available for the personalized mails. See where this is going? If you really want to make it watertight and protect your sensitive information, a simple HTML page is out of the question, be it just for the simple fact that no invester would invest in a company that shows no ability to protect their business model, which subconsciously is what a dumb page would translate to - "We want your money, but we don't care otehrwise."