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    Choosing the time length of a scene


      This may seem silly and there's probably a real obvious answer, but I was wondering how to choose the length of a scene. I was creating a quick sample video, The recording only take about 25 seconds. however when I save it to a video it's about a 1:10 long. I tried trimming what's recorded but that just makes the video after the first 25 seconds black.CA TEP.jpg

      Is there a way to it in character animator like it is in After Effects, where you can choose the time length when you create a new composition? Or should I just dynamic link the scene into After Effects and trim out all the blank time.

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          alank99101739 Level 4

          If you single click on the scene, you should be able to see the properties. One of the properties is duration.


          Yeah, it would be nice to drag the edge of the light colored area, but you can’t. Changing the “duration” property of the scene is the only way I know of.


          (If you look over to the right side of the screen you will see the scene has “Duration” set to 74 seconds at present - just click on it and change the number to 25.)

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