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    Importing projects issue


      Hello all,


      Minor backstory, can skip.

      So i get the feeling from looking at the forum that i'm not the only one have some issues with Premiere 18 but this is an issue i haven't seen discussed so wanted to see if anyone had any ideas on it.

      It seems importing projects through the dynamic link system doesn't work anymore so if your needing to merge a project/sequence you need to use an XML or open the project in a new window and copy paste the sequence to the other project. Both come with their owns issues but i'm having a weird one with the latter.


      !Actual Issue!

      When i copy and paste a sequence into a new project, all the bins and footage carry over and work, but when you try to reveal the clip in media browser it isn't there. In fact all my bins are empty but if i delete them the clips in the sequence disappear. So the clips seem to be invisible within my project and i cant access them.

      I've tried;

      restarting premiere and computer,

      Making a search bin for clips,

      Copying the sequence into a new project (through the copy paste sequence method and dynamic link),

      deleting cache files,

      delteting render files,

      reinstalling premiere and resetting all preferences,

      Open the project on different computers both Mac and PC,


      So far none of these have fixed the issue. Im aware that i can use an XML to get the sequence and clips over but for what i need to do this method isn't really applicable or efficient.


      Any ideas / similar problems ?