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    CR2 files




      I have searched the discussions but cannot seem to find what I am looking for - plus I only have another 30mins of baby free time... !


      Recently purchased a Canon 6D MII after years of having my trusty old 60D. I cannot import CR2 (Canon Raw files) into Lightroom unless I convert them first (which loses so much quality).


      Lightroom was installed 2015 and I have run an update also to see if this will help or do I need to download it again?


      OR do  I also need to download and install Camera Raw?


      OR is there a better software program out there I should be using instead of Lightroom. I have no interest in the CC program and monthly plan as I do not use it on any other device.



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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your CR2 file needs ACR version 9.12 as a minimum. If you have LR6 it can be updated to 6.14 (with ACR9.14) from the help menu. Older versions e.g. LR5 cannot be updated for this camera model.


          Alternatively convert CR2 into Adobe raw (DNG).


          DNG Converter is free. You can batch convert a whole folder of CR2 images into Adobe raw (DNG) without any loss of quality and the dng files will be backward compatible with your software

          Get the latest DNG Converter Mac  | Win

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            hannahl88 Level 1

            Thankyou for this reply, I tried to upgrade LR6 however all it did was install Lightroom Classic as another program on a trial basis on my desktop which isn't what I'm after.


            I do have DNG converter already but was hoping to be able to upgrade my LR to recognise RAW files instead.


            The new Lightroom which is a trial version at the moment does recognise without the need for conversion but like I said I'm not really interested in a plan.

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              WobertC Adobe Community Professional

              Un-install Lightroom Classic Trial,

              Go to- Download Photoshop Lightroom

              Click the > to Expand the line [Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6]

              Download the "Lightroom 6.14" Update.

              Run this patch to update your v6


              If your Lightroom-6 was removed by the Classic trial install, you will need to re-install the base "Application Installer for v6.0" first, then run the patch for 6.14.


              A catalog that was updated by LR-Classic will not work with 6.14, but you will have a copy of the LR6 version still in your computer.