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    Supported lens profile not recognized

    Rod Pickett Photography Level 1

      I'm running version 7.2 of Lightroom Classic CC with version 10.2 of Camera Raw on Windows 10.


      I'm shooting with the Canon EF 11-24mm f4 L lens mounted on a 5DmIII. This lens is listed as a supported lens, but when I try to apply automatic lens correction I get a message: "Unable to locate a matching profile automatically." When I try to locate the profile manually, the lens is not listed.


      Does anyone have any ideas what might be the problem?




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          richardplondon Level 4

          In general, when a camera and lens is supported, that means: for Raw files.


          JPG specific support is not usually provided, for advanced or professional cameras: only for some consumer type devices (such as cellphones).


          If you have shot JPG in the camera, that is the likely explanation. A different, shorter list of profiles is present hence no auto lens recognition is even possible.


          If you don't want to simply shoot Raw, it is possible to "kludge" a JPG specific profile by re-saving a copy of the Raw specific profile with some minimal changes.


          (I've posted instructions for this here in the past, will try to find that. All that is needed is a text editor to make the changes. This new copy needs to be saved into the "user" lens profiles folder and then LR needs to be restarted. Once this profile is present within the profiles list, it can then be set as a new default selection.)

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            Rod Pickett Photography Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response.


            I was applying it to a TIFF. Other profiles have worked on TIFFs. I discovered that this one does work on RAW files.


            I can make some minor adjustments to my workflow to avoid this problem.