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    Cloud or External Hard Drive for storing media files/projects?

    CC268 Level 1

      Background: I am a hobbyist who takes drone and video footage of our family vacations, etc. I don't do this professionally or for a living.


      Lately, I have been learning about proper storage optimization for video editing. I am doing some upgrades to my computer storage to be better suited for video editing.


      However, one thing I seem to be pretty overwhelmed by is how to properly backup/store my archived media files/projects. There are so many different options. Obviously there are normal external hard drives, RAID external hard drive setups, cloud storage (Google, DropBox, Amazon, OneDrive, etc), and even some DIY enclosures that allow you to build your own external hard drive/RAID setup.


      I am looking for some guidance here because I just don't know which of these methods I should be using and what may be the most cost effective solution for a hobbyist such as myself. I'd like to spend less than $200 for now on a backup solution. I've thought about looking into cloud storage as well.


      What are your guys' suggestions?


      I really appreciate any feedback/help here.