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    Spike occurring at 'breathe' point


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      There's a spike in my character right where there's a breathe point - it's most evident during a walk or run cycle. Notice the spike at the bottom of the character's t-shirt in the attached picture. It's like that one point is 'glued' to the center regardless of how the character moves. Been troubleshooting for hours with no useable workaround. Doesn't appear to be related to the mesh or vector points.


      I placed the breathe point near the origin of the character because when placed elsewhere, it moves the whole character off the ground (feet appear to be floating and bouncing) and it doesn't look like natural breathing (i.e. it doesn't look like it's coming from the diaphragm). Moving the breathe point fixes the spike (or merely relocates it I guess) but the breathing function doesn't look right at all.


      Has anyone run into this spiking problem? Is there a better way to set-up breathing that would avoid this altogether?




      EDIT: for what it's worth, my current workaround is to create a duplicate version of my puppet without breathe just for the run/walk portions. This requires some extra stitching on my part in the edit, with a slight jump - not the best, but useable for now.


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          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

          This seems like the Walk behavior is trying to control the hip or waist handle one way while the Breathe behavior is trying to control the Breathe handle in a different way, causing some unwanted stretching. If you'd like us to investigate it, feel free to export your puppet (File > Export > Puppet) as a .puppet file, and then post a shared link to it here here or via direct message.



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